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About L’Artec

Leica, Art, Technology. We are a multicltural group of people with different educational backgrounds, united by our passion for photography, for precision, quality and our unconditional admiration for the brand Leica.

L’Artec existed in our minds. It all started in 2016. Four years later we decided to share with the world of Leica photographers the idea of a new, special and extremely functional hand grip. We made the first hand grips for our M's Typ 240/246 which several members of our group proudly possess.

The result was oustanding. But we wanted more and we started improving them, redesigning them, using different constructive methods, different wood species adding new materials, always aiming at functionality, precision, quality, durability and aesthetics, Leica alike.

This process led to the hand grips you can see on our website. We have been using them ever since and we only remove them from our M’s to charge the battery or to take out the SD card! Our Leica Q owners never remove them! They don’t need to.

So, this is how it all started. Today the L’Artec project is becoming also the frame around our work, our photographs, from analog to digital. Keep up to date with all our activities, news, and events relating to L’Artec by following us on our official social media accounts.

We live and work along the subtropical Mediterranean Costa del Sol, in southern Spain, in the province of Málaga, where Picasso saw the light, shades, shapes and colours which made him famous. 
Málaga, Where the sun spends the winter.